A Winter As Long As Time Itself

by Von Sargeth

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This album perfectly represents the war and viking inspired Black Metal bands that were occupying our inspirations for years as we worked towards that goal. It is a very solid traditional Nordic style of epic, melodic war induced Black Metal. Written and recorded between 2006 and 2007. This CD is currently not available in a physical manifestation.


released April 20, 2008



all rights reserved


Below The Earth Productions Mukilteo, Washington

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Track Name: Von Sargeth - An empire is forged upon the ashes of ones once lost
Behold the ancient treasures of the past
Ashes upon ashes were cities stand tall
A constant change of kings and ways
Only strength will decide who lives on
Kill the old to birth a new
Stronger rule to evade the mark of death
To conquer a land you must first be willing to kill
No empire shall be built on a frail sword
Let might lead our way to greatness
So proudly the gods hold us high on their altar
And when the drums play the tune of impending war
We shall hold high their kings head on our victory march
To the grave with the god of what once was
So we can praise the god of what is to be
Curse the race of our enemies, torture their souls for eternity
The stone walls of the weak crumble beneath our might
The strength of our men rise as we apprehend their city
Soon we will follow our own trail of devastation home, we will
reign supreme as you will know, and this is all that you'll know
Track Name: Hrimgrimner(Vilest of the Frost Giants)
Vile is this sick and repulsive
Hideous sight standing before me
Outside the gates of Nifelhiem
The embrace of his stare is like death itself
The visual atrocity I can not fathom
Upon first glance this grotesque abomination
Has defiled the very existence of my being
To a putrid cesspool of degrading kindred
Hrimgrimner, vilest of the frost giants
His existence, poisoning the outer lands
Evil and torturous, is his very presence
A mass pile of flesh a giant of mutilation
When the storm passes from the north, blood fills the air
When the shape of the giant eclipses the sun, your anguish prepare
As the ground crashes beneath your feet the air around is growing
So thick with the taste of repulsion, as the sight before you
asphyxiating your soul
Track Name: Infinite Storms
Apparently the lyrics didn't make it in the book, I'll figure them out again later.
Track Name: Vengence From the Earth
These lyrics didn't make it into the book. I'll try and figure them out later.
Track Name: A Somber Exhileration
The moon is alive tonight, it's shimmering glow
Illuminates the darkest essence of my new found life
Immortalized - Revitalized
Drawn towards the cemetery, seeking closure for my forgotten soul
I must fill this eternal void, and once again be whole
My emotions run rampant as I survey my surroundings
The grave nourished trees are all that living
Standing proud are they, guardians of the dead
Swaying with the wind, seething with dread
Funeral tensions saturate the air, this village of the perished is,
Wrought with despair
Mortals know nothing of this gift, what a pleasure it is to mortally sin
I feel the anticipation coursing through my veins
Through darkness my conscience is torn away
Something inside is guiding my way
Fountain of darkness, at one with thee
your shelter served me well in life
In honorably burning, I will subside
Feeling returns at a later time, postmortem
Gone as the Eath chains awake, post mortal
Track Name: Of Bloodshed and Triumph
Summoned to extinguish their peaceful lands
Blood stains upon foreign soil
The rape of empiricism, the cruelty of my merciless wrath
No one shall be sparred as we march on
Fulfilling our conquest to destroy the weak and reclaim that which is ours
As genocide causes havoc upon innocence their kingdom falls
Complete obliteration as sheer rage is conjured forth from my blood
To pillage the golden halls of immaculate beauty
And to lacerate the flesh of royalty up high, so far up high
Desolate and scalded landscapes, what once was alive, now dead
I gaze at this thriving kingdom, now buried in ashes
The inferior king has been dethroned now just a lifeless corpse
Laying cold with all those he oppressed
The maggots feast on those of royal blood
The golden pillars that fortified this godly city are but ruins of crushed remnants in a mass pile of desecration
The ecstasy of victory pulses through my veins
Our troops march upon the obliterated Earth below
In the distance more signs of human congregation
Through the shadows we approach with weapons of vengeance
A trail of fire follows behind, with speed we shall meet the bleak horizon, make haste, before the light of day another kingdom shall perish
Such a pathetic sight as they begin to flee, faces smashed into the ground.
Mauled by gore saturated hooves as your consciousness is diminished
This plague of iron and steel sweeps across the countryside to eradicate the human race
Your agony shall never subside!
Track Name: The Final Decimation of Empiricism
Overtures of anguish imprison your heart and soul
Unsettling creation bringing damnation to the apex of infidels
Psychosis is setting into the minds of the frail
Unorthodox embrace after the light abandons our caress
Whispered tales of dementia seizes hold of minds that were once strong
Your flesh was wrought in vain and your soul shall writhe in agony